About dwntwnJAX

The City of Jacksonville Downtown Investment Authority is working with a team from GAI Consultants to update the existing Business Investment and Development Plan (BID Plan) which is comprised of the Downtown Northbank and Southside Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) Plans and Business Investment and Develop Strategy.


This multidisciplinary project is going to be accomplished through a series of 4 interconnected tasks that will help guide the future of the DIA and the Downtown Districts it includes - Brooklyn, LaVilla, Central Civic Core, Church, Cathedral, and Southbank. The project will take place during Spring 2021. Input from the public is critical to this process.  Please visit the website often, as we update opportunities to be involved. Please reach out to us through the contact page for any input or questions you may have.

Project Timeline

Task 1 - Design Standards

An update of the Downtown Design Guidelines: Jacksonville had a recently adopted Downtown Zoning Overlay in its code of ordinances. This task involves the update of the Downtown Design Guidelines of the Downtown Jacksonville CRA Plan to ensure conformity with the overlay. This will include text and illustrations to guide developers through the regulations and articulate the prescriptive requirements found within the public realm such as streetscape standards, build-to-lines, urban open space, etc.

Task 4 - BID & CRA Update

Update of the BID Plan and its elements: The primary focus of this effort will be to prepare an update to the CRA Plans and the Business Investment Strategy- which are collectively known as the “Business Investment Plan” for Downtown Jacksonville. This will include appropriate modifications to existing incentive programs, creation of new incentive programs, and elimination of ineffective programs in order to better serve the goals of DIA and the CRAs, as well as to identify and prioritize new Plan Projects.

Task 3 - District Naming & Branding + Implementation Plan

Development of a Branding Plan: This task includes the creation of a set of a Downtown Brand Guidelines for the City of Jacksonville’s BID and CRA plan boundaries with sub-brands for the following districts: Brooklyn, LaVilla, Central Core, Church, Cathedral and Southbank. Each district will have its own, unique & distinct brand identity, position and plan. The brands will be brought to life with a launch plan at the end of the project.

Task 2 - Park Assessment & Plan

Development of a Parks Master Plan: The residential population of Downtown Jacksonville is growing. To keep up with that growth, this task involves a plan for the type of recreational facilities are needed downtown, and where, to enhance the urban lifestyle of current and future residents.

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